Vitamins and supplements to get the edge in Rock Climbing

Nathan DeAraujo takes Alpha Brain

Pro rock climber Nathan DeAraujo. Photo credit Onnit.com

Today I’m looking some of the ways extreme athletes supplement their nutrition to optimise and maximise their performance.

Pro rock climber, Nathan DeAraujo is a Onnit sponsored athlete who endorses several of their products, which he claims up his game. He says of Onnit’s cognitive enhancing supplement Alpha Brain:

For those long arduous training sessions in the climbing gym, I always use a combination of Shroom TECH Sport and Alpha BRAIN. In combination, I gain the mental edge and clarity to focus on pulling hard, without the jitters that can blow nerves on hard moves

I’ve heard good things about Shroom TECH for sports performance, particularly on the Joe Rogan and School of Greatness podcast (with Lewis Howes), and I’ve tried Alpha Brain myself. I didn’t continue to take Alpha Brain after my trial, but had positive, mild effects.

Nathan also takes a protein supplement after training to help build lean muscle mass and support recovery, and krill oil, which he finds superior to fish oil, for joint and tendon health. I take a relatively high dose of fish oil personally and am very interested to try out krill oil. I rock climb also (at no where near Nathan’s level), and often have mild elbow and shoulder pain. Fish oil helps, but if I could improve things further it would be excellent.

Onnit have a ton of athletes in a wide range of disciplines that swear by their products. For more info checkout their site.